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Experience exceptional hairstyling and beauty services at Hair by Kelauren. Kelauren specializes in cuts, color, and extensions to help you achieve your desired look. Visit our private hair studio and let us enhance your natural beauty today.

Experienced Hairstylists

Experienced hairstylist  trained in the latest techniques, ensuring you receive the highest quality of service.

Customized Hair Services

We offer personalized hair services to meet your unique preferences and style goals.

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Our private hair studio provides a comfortable and exclusive environment for you to relax and enjoy your salon experience.

About Hair by Kelauren

Experience the Difference

Meet Kelauren, a seasoned hairstylist boasting seven years of immersive experience in the dynamic realm of hair care. A proud graduate of the renowned Aveda Institute, Kelauren has honed their craft and expanded horizons through additional specialized education, delving deeper into the artistry of hair cutting, coloring, and extensions.

The journey began with a solid foundation at the esteemed Aveda Institute, where a passion for the art of hair styling was nurtured. However, the pursuit of excellence didn't end there. Kelauren pursued advanced education, dedicating time and effort to refine techniques and master the nuances of cutting-edge trends and timeless classics alike.

As a result of this continuous quest for knowledge, Kelauren stands as a versatile artist, adept at crafting bespoke styles that mirror individual personalities and lifestyles. Whether it's a precise cut, a vibrant color transformation, or the seamless application of extensions, each creation reflects [Your Name]'s commitment to elevating natural beauty.

Driven by a relentless passion for innovation and a commitment to offering unparalleled service, Kelauren takes pride in creating not just hairstyles but unforgettable experiences. Every appointment is an opportunity to collaborate, to transform, and to empower clients with confidence through their unique, personalized style.

Welcome to a space where expertise meets creativity, and where your hair aspirations turn into stunning realities.

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